John Fahey and the American Primitive Style (Part 1)

John Fahey on Stage in Paris 1984 John Fahey was born John Aloysius Fahey on February 28th, 1939. He was the creator and foremost exponent of the American Primitive guitar style. This style uses traditional finger style and finger picking techniques borrowed from American Roots music such as the Blues, Bluegrass, Country and Folk traditions. […]

Welcome to my Blog

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Welcome.  Here you will find all things to do with Folk, Blues and Root music. You will find blog posts containing information and videos on many roots musicians – both western and otherwise.  There will be video performances of the featured artists along with some short biographies.  I will also be featuring videos of myself […]

Big Bill Broonzy – A Brief History

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A young Big Bill Broonzy The American blues guitarist Lee Conley Bradley or Big Bill Broonzy as he was better known was born on 26th June 1893. Sometimes the dates given for his birth vary. His twin sister Laney claims he was born in 1898 and the blues historian Robert Reismann suggests a date of […]